Flood Risk Assessments (FRA's) are now becoming an essential part of most planning applications. An FRA is an assessment of the risk of flooding, particularly in relation to residential, commercial and industrial land use.

In England and Wales, the Environment Agency requires a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) to be submitted alongside planning applications in areas that are known to be at risk of flooding (within Flood Zones 2 or 3) and/or are greater than 1ha in area. The Local Planning Authority will not usually grant permission until the FRA has been accepted by the Environment Agency.

Flood Risk Assessments are required to be completed according to Planning Policy Statement PPS 25 in England and Wales. PPS 25 was designed to "strengthen and clarify the key role of the planning system in managing flood risk and contributing to adapting to the impacts of climate change."

This particular document sets out policies for local authorities to ensure flood risk is taken into account during the planning process to prevent inappropriate development in high risk areas and to direct development away from areas at highest risk. PPS25 states "flooding threatens life and causes substantial damage to property [and that] although [it] cannot be wholly prevented, its impacts can be avoided and reduced through good planning and management".

For a flood risk assessment to be written, information is needed concerning the existing and proposed developments. JNM Engineering Ltd will seek to ascertain information from the Environment Agency, Local Authorities, Water Authority and local residents to provide an indication on whether a development will be viable.

An initial idea of the risk of flooding to a local area can be found on the Environment Agency flood map website. This may not be accurate and therefore a more individual and specific report may be required.

Using data that is available from various sources, JNM Engineering Ltd can provide detailed analysis to inform the Environment Agency of flood risk at an individual site.

Should any issues be highlighted at your site, JNM Engineering will be able to recommend solutions prior to the planning application being submitted. JNM Engineering Ltd could also provide flood modelling to challenge the Environment Agency and their data.

The FRA takes into account the risk and impact of flooding on the site, and takes into consideration how the development may affect flooding in the local area. It also includes recommendations as to how the risk of flooding to the site can be improved or improved following development.

As well as assessing the risk to the site posed by fluvial flooding, JNM Engineering Ltd will also consider flooding from other sources including groundwater, surface water runoff and sewer flooding and integrate this into your report. Assessments can also be used to provide insurers with a more detailed assessment of flood risk at a location, and can act as a means of reducing insurance premiums.

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Flood Risk Assessment